Guided Energy

The world is electrifying in the fight against climate change, and commercial fleets are no exception.

To hit regulatory and investor targets, businesses must electrify 95 million vehicles by 2030. However, there's a problem: this transition will fail if fleets are unable to adapt their operating model.

Why? Because operating an electric fleet is nothing like topping up a tank of gas. A single charge can cost you a dollar or over 30. It could take an hour to charge a car or the whole day. And, although there exist pools of data, they live in fragmented silos which are impossible for fleets to manage at scale. Thus, refuelling is no longer about finding the cheapest reseller of diesel. Without technology, electric fleets are burning cash on underused infrastructure and overspending on costly charging while actually hitting fewer jobs per day.

This is where we come in. At Guided Energy, we are building the unifying, software layer for fleets to charge and operate their electric vehicles.

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