Eric Daoud - Data Scientist & Full Stack Developer

Hi, I’m Eric, a Data Scientist and Full Stack Developer with additional Data Engineering and DevOps skills.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Machine Learning applied to cancerology at the Curie Institute of Research in Paris, France. Besides work, I am really keen on music, photography, karate and golf.

In this website, you will find some more details about who I am and what I am working on as PhD Student. I also work on various open source projects that are listed on the open source page. When I find the time, I like to write short tech related articles on my blog page, feel free to check it out! I also added two sections not related to code: photography and music.

Latest posts

How I record my guitar videos on YouTube

  • Music

I have been playing guitar since 2004 and I started recording music videos on YouTube in 2009. In this post, I am going to explain how I record guitar tracks in my home studio. I will detail the gear I am using including amp, effects, mics, audio interface and software.

Deploy Metabase with Docker and Nginx over HTTPS

  • Software Engineering

Metabase is an open source dataviz application that lets you create analytics graphs and dashboards very easily. Let's see how to deploy Metabase over HTTPS by using Docker, Nginx and Let's Encrypt.

Habits to be more productive and organized

  • Lifestyle

I recently read a book about productivity and organization at work. More precisely about how to achieve the same amount of work in a smaller amount of time. It's french book called "La 25eme heure" ("the 25th hour", nothing to do with the movie though) and it made me change my habits. I'll sum up the book advices here, and show you what works for me.

Automate your computer setup with dotfiles

  • Computer Setup

In this post we are going to look at how to automatically setup your computer with your favorite software and configurations. This can be very useful when you have a new computer, or when it gets stolen (unfortunaltey it happened to me recently).

Auto deploy a static website on AWS S3 using CircleCI

  • Software Engineering

In this post we are going to look at how to use CircleCI to automatically deploy a static website hosted on AWS S3. AWS S3 is an easy and cheap way to host a static website, and combined with Cloudfront and Route 53 we can have a highly reliable and secure website. CircleCI is a continuous integration tool, which we will use with Github to push the code to AWS S3 at every commit.

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