Open Source


Here are some open source projects I am working on.

Sentiment Classifier API

The goal of this project is to create a sentiment classifier API that could use various models and datasets. It is written in Python and uses Flask for the API and tensorflow/keras for Machine Learning.


Notflix is an open source movie recommender system, inspired by a famous movie company. I am using the data from Movielens to build recommendation algorithms and expose them to users via a web application. It is a side project I started working on for fun and it is not yet fully completed. Feel free to ask for contribution on my Github.

Webradio to Spotify

As a big fan of Classic Rock living in France, I am very frustrated by the lack of good classic rock radio we have. I spent four months in St Louis, MO, and I had the chance to listen to KSHE 95 every day, playing some of my favorite classic rock tunes. I decided to make myself an empty Spotify playlist, and automatically add in the KSHE tracks. I also wanted to be able to add songs from other similar Classic Rock radio. So I built a reusable architecture that enables to register different web scrapers to get the radio playing history and add that into my playlist.

Code templates

I love creating templates to re-use in various projects. Here is a list of all the templates I made so far.

Data Stack

A sample data stack running on Docker, that contains some standard services like Metabase, Airflow, a Python package with Sphinx docs, pytest, etc.

Python Flask app

Template for a Python Flask web application along with sqlalchemy, docker, circle-ci and sphinx.

Python Flask with Bootstrap

This repository is a starting point for everyone who wants to build a web application using Python Flask along with Bootstrap. Instead of importing Bootstrap from the CDN, I am installing it with npm and use Sass to customize it.

Python project

A template repository for a python package. Pre configured sphinx and pytest.

Research Lab static website

A template for a Research Lab website, built with Jekyll. It is derived from the great template provided by the Allan Lab, at Leiden University.