My background is computer science. I hold a MSc in General Engineering from ECAM Lyon, and a master's degree in Software Engineering from CentraleSupélec. I graduated in 2016.

After graduating from Centrale, I went working for ManoMano, a french e-commerce startup specialised in DIY and gardening. I spent 2.5 years there. I pioneered product recommendations by building a recommender API from scratch, that increased average basket by 15%. I was in charge of the whole project and I learned a lot about Data Science, Data Engineering & Devops. I also worked on product classification, and user tracking.

I eventually left ManoMano to join Doctrine in July 2018. Doctrine is the fastest growing legal tech startup in Europe, developing a powerful search engine for lawyers. I joined them as a Senior Data Scientist, to work on Natural Language Processing, more specifically on a Named Entity Recognition algorithm used for anonymising legal decisions. I also helped cleaning the code base and setting best development practices.

In October 2019 I decided to shift my career and start a PhD in Machine Learning, applied to mededicine, at the Curie Institute of Research in Paris, France.

Additionnaly to my thesis, I am a Mentor Data Scientist for OpenClassrooms, the largest e-learning platform in Europe. I help students in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Besides work, I love music and especially guitar. I have been playing for 14 years now, recording videos on YouTube. I also love photography and I upload my pictures on 500px. Sportswise, I have been practicing karate for 14 years, I am now black belt. I also like working on tech projects, like a movie recommender system and writing tech articles on my personal blog.



PhD Student, Machine Learning & Oncology, Institut Curie
October 2019 - Today

PhD Student within the Residual tumor and response to treatment team, supervised by Prof. Fabien Reyal. Working on oncology care pathways, using the social security (SNDS) database.

Mentor Data Scientist, OpenClassrooms
November 2019 - Today

OpenClassrooms is the leading online education platform in Europe. As a mentor Data Scientist, I help students during their online classes and assignments through weekly video sessions.

Senior Data Scientist, Doctrine
July 2018 - January 2019

Fastest growing Legal Tech in Europe, building a Search Engine to help lawyers find the legal documents they need. Worked on a Named Entity Recognition algorithm using BiLSTM and CRF for anonymising legal decisions. Deployed a Python Flask web application to collect errors made by our Machine Learning algorithms and re-train them. Participated in cleaning the code base and setting development best practices.

Data Scientist, ManoMano
April 2016 - May 2018

ManoMano is a fast growing marketplace startup, selling DIY and gardening materials. Pioneered website personalization by creating an item recommendation system API from scratch. The system is now serving more than 7 million unique users monthly and increased average basket price by 15%. Deployed a Lambda Architecture to collect user data. Built state of the art Machine Learning and Deep Learning models on top of this data. Deployed algorithms to production using an in-house AB Testing module. Classified 1.5 million DIY/gardening products into 3,000 categories by creating an automatic text classifier.


Doctor of Philosophy, Université Paris-Sud (Paris-Saclay)
2019 - 2022 (expected)

PhD Student at Institut Curie, operated by Université Paris-Sud. Machine Learning applied oncology.

Master's Degree, Ecole CentraleSupélec

Big Data and Cloud Computing

Master of Science, ECAM Lyon
2010 - 2015

Software Engineering and Electrical Engineering