I graduated in Software Engineering and Data Science, spent 4 years working in tech startups, notably at ManoMano where I built their recommendation API. After that I was looking to have more impact, so I went back to academia and did a PhD in ML applied to resource allocation and optimal transport, to optimise care pathways of cancer patients.

During my PhD I got really worried about climate change. Started to act on a personal level, becoming vegetarian and cutting flights. It matters but I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. It became clear to me that we must attack this at a different level.

I joined Entrepreneur First, to become a founder and build a company that will have a positive impact on climate change.

I met my co-founder Anant, and we started to work on a project to decarbonise transportation. We are targeting transportation because it’s one of the biggest emitters. We took aim directly at where we can have the biggest impact, and we use technology to accelerate the decarbonisation of this dirty industry.

To do this, the world must electrify. And we’re not starting with a single car, but fleets. Millions of the most polluting vehicles. Our biggest customers will be electrifying hundreds of thousands of vehicles in the next few years.

We are building Guided Energy, the portal for fleets to charge and operate EVs optimally. Our software makes the transition not just good for the planet, but also, remarkably, is good for business. We simplify every aspect of EV operations, making sustainable transport outcompete its polluting counterparts.

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