My background is computer science. I hold a MSc in General Engineering from ECAM Lyon, and a master's degree in Software Engineering from CentraleSupélec. I graduated in 2016.

After graduating from Centrale, I went working for ManoMano, a french e-commerce startup specialised in DIY and gardening. I spent 2.5 years there. I pioneered product recommendations by building a recommender API from scratch, that increased average basket by 15%. I was in charge of the whole project and I learned a lot about Data Science, Data Engineering & Devops. I also worked on product classification, and user tracking.

I eventually left ManoMano to join Doctrine in July 2018. Doctrine is the fastest growing legal tech startup in Europe, developing a powerful search engine for lawyers. I joined them as a Senior Data Scientist, to work on Natural Language Processing, more specifically on a Named Entity Recognition algorithm used for anonymising legal decisions. I also helped cleaning the code base and setting best development practices.

In October 2019 I decided to shift my career and start a PhD in Machine Learning, applied to oncology, at the Curie Institute of Research in Paris, France.

Additionnaly to my thesis, I am a Mentor Data Scientist for OpenClassrooms, the largest e-learning platform in Europe. I help students in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Besides work, I love music and especially guitar. I have been playing for 14 years now, recording videos on YouTube. I also love photography and I upload my pictures on 500px. Sportswise, I have been practicing karate for 14 years, I am now black belt. I also like working on tech projects, like a movie recommender system and writing tech articles on my personal blog.